e-Cycle Program

Got Equipment??? Got Stuff????

With over 6.5 MILLION people in Network we know a little something about STEM and the equipment and resources needed to advance the world. With that said—-we help sell surplus/obsolete equipment/merchandise for companies across the U.S.A. We not only do this online, but we do it in REAL TIME and to millions of qualified bidders! Located in Pennsylvania–but serving the country.

We are certainly not a Liquidation Company. We are certainly not a generic Auction House. We strategically partner with management in order to over achieve expected goals by offering you a true no money down alternative 100% of the time. Our approach is unique and dynamic.
Partnering with CFO’s, CEO’s, COO’s, and CIO’s across America:
Our Motto is Simple: Sell Excess Merchandise, Create Space and Generate Critical Services.
Moving at the Speed of Cyber Space……..
We will do all of the following for your company:
¤ Inventory and Track Merchandise.
¤ Create Blue Chip itemized descriptions of your Products.
¤ Provide Service Credits for your company with nothing down and NO cost to you whatsoever.
 Much of what we do is charitable by nature—if we can not use what is sent to us we would/will either donate it or recycle it – GO GREEN!!!


Generate critical services from obsolete and/or old merchandise…….


Simply eMail christopher@intellen.com to get started.